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Peter B. Herrera

Peter Herrera joined Rehmani & Associates in August 2019 as the Director of Marketing and has since then taken on the role of Office Manager as well.

Within the marketing role, Peter is responsible for the marketing communication, and business development efforts for the company.

Peter works closely with the founder Suzanne Rehmani on the strategic planning and direction of the firms short-term and long-term goals. He has over 10 years of marketing experience within the marketing industry. Prior to joining Rehmani & Associates Peter was the marketing director at a mid-size private laboratory in Irvine, CA where he spearheaded the international launch of In-vitro Fertilization testing for the lab, which helped women all over the world become mothers.

Since joining Rehmani & Associates Peter has taken on many roles. He implemented a system to transition to completely paperless operations, implemented a new Client Relationship Management Program to better assist clients, and created and designed the firms advertising materials.

Peter attended California State University where he graduated with a BA in Marketing.

Favorite activities include: Going to Concerts, watching comedies on Netflix, and traveling